A little more about moi

1.  My hair normally doesn't look that good.  Normally it looks a lot less good.
2.  I no longer live in that house.
3.  I love my kids and happily talk about them here ad nauseum.  I expect they'll need therapy as a result.
4.  I have a pathalogical inability to say no when asked to do things for people.  Please help me.
5.  I love to bake.  I love to bake so much that I started my own business doing it.  Please hire me to bake for you.
6.  I really enjoy wine.  Of all sorts.
7.  I am a staunch tea drinker.  Sure, I enjoy a latte now and again but after years of starting the day with coffee, I've even given up that ritual for a nice cuppa.
8.  It's pronounced scawn.  Not scohn.  I'm of Scottish descent and it's how we roll.
9.  It's also spelled Mummy.  And pronounced likewise.
10.  Also, Coronation Street is the best show every made.
11.  I fervently enjoy toilet humour.  Especially of the bum variety.
12.  I can't eat gluten.  Boo-hoo.
13.  I love to create things with fibres.  With either knitting needles or my beloved sewing machines.
14.  I'm a Girl Guide leader.  I will sell you cookies if you ask.  If you don't ask, I'll ask you if you want to buy cookies.
15.  I'm a bit stubborn.
16.  I have trouble letting a person continue to be wrong about something when I know they're wrong about something.  Apparently it can be a bit annoying.  And yet endearing.
17.  I love to swim in lakes.  Naked if possible.
18.  I went to camp for many years.
19.  While not culturally Mennonite, it's how I identify myself now. (Scottish Mennonite?  Is that a thing?)
20.  I have very strong feelings (VERY STRONG) about grammar and punctuation and syntax and spelling. Although more in others than in myself.  Which you'll likely come to realize.


Isobel said...

I know I'm going to get something thrown at me...hopefully something you baked and I can lick it off my face...but you spelled roll wrong! *ducks and runs*

Karen said...

I would respond but I'm just running upstairs to get something gooey out of my fridge... be over soon!


Julie said...

love the new look!

um, since you are such a stickler for spelling, you have an "every" when it should be "ever"