Thursday, February 23, 2006

First posting

I don't know exactly how this will all turn out but this is the beginning.

I'm pregnant with what I refer to as "#2". #2 follows from Emily. So, as I have regretted for a while not blogging during my first maternity leave so that my boiled and mashed brain could eventually remember what happened during that year, I have decided I will fix that this time. And starting early means I get to torture anyone desperate enough to read this with the tedious minutia of my life.

So this will be the blog of my life up until I have to repeat this whole energy draining, brain shrinking, ultimately growing, learning, loving experience but with a toddler at my heels performing her own version of Chinese water torture in the form of the word "mummy" uttered what has to be 1,298 times a day. Okay, I own it... I love it every time she says it. For now.

So, let's see what this becomes and what I can learn, express and work out for myself here.

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