Friday, March 03, 2006


Emily spends her days at Louise's house while John and I are working. Louise takes care of 5 kids and runs her daycare entirely in French. As a result, Emily, I would say, speaks more French than English. Luckily, she understands everything we say to her in English. Some of her favourite words are in French: C'est; bonnehomme; en haut (which she applies to going upstairs or down); de l'eau (could be water or milk); dodo (sleep); and various things we don't understand - they could be French or they could be "Emily-speak."

Last night after putting her to bed, I was in the basement for some mind-numbing television, waiting for Earl to come on, and listening to Emily fall asleep through the monitor. She wasn't saying much but she was moving around. Then I heard her say, twice, I can only assume as self-instruction: dodo... dodo, and then that was it. She was asleep.

Sometimes parenthood is so good.

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