Sunday, November 26, 2006

A pain in the...

Poor Emily. After three full days of no poop action, the eagle had to land this morning. She was very uncomfortable and trying to stop the poop from emerging. Eventually nature had its way with her and she sat on the potty unable to stop the inevitable but crying and clutching me. I felt so bad for her. And I was worried that it would give her stage fright for a few days, compounding the problem.

Luckily, she had an easy time of it this evening, earning her more Smarties and proving to her that pooping can feel great, rather than painful. "Feels good!" she said. Oh yah, she's my daughter.

Dawn, Mimi and Papa Mimi were over for supper tonight. Emily was absolutely beside herself with glee. We had a great visit. We really miss seeing those guys every day and clearly Emily does too.

Hope had a better day although there was still a major freakout when she went down too late for a nap. Again, t.v. did my parenting for me and lulled her to sleep. Since then it has been clear sailing. She really is such an amazing kid and such a good baby. She has started to laugh now and it is perfection.

I bought a baby carrier today that has lumbar support (unlike many carriers out there) and can become a baby backpack too. I'll try it out tomorrow and hope that it solves some of my logistic issues regarding hauling these two into stores and museums and the like. I got the Ergo Carrier, sold by the famous Diaper Lady here in Ottawa. However, I got it from someone selling it used. In reality, it had never come out of the package so I got it for a decent price considering that - and no taxes of course. Nice. Once I get Hope in there I'll post a photo or two. Still none taken today but hopefully I'll get on that tomorrow.

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BethJoy said...

Hi, I found your blog while searching for the Ergo carrier. I am interested in getting one, I have 2 boys, my youngest is 5 months. How do you like it, it sounds awesome, especially for their growing spine!
if you don't mind can you let me know, you can email me back at I live in Alberta Canada.
Thanks so much!!