Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Diagnosis... I guess she was right

Seems I have a kick ass doctor (well, I know I do) because she was bang on about checking for the bladder infection in the midst of Hope's mystery illness.

To back up a bit...

I did strap on the ole' pee-bag at the end of last week, and, success!, I got it to work the first time. I collected the tiny little urine sample from Hope and this morning at 9:00 my G.P. called to tell me that the urine sample came back positive for a bladder infection. Now, Erika pointed out to me last week that many samples taken this way come back with a false positive but with the high fever she had and the brutal grumpiness, I'm thinking that indeed it burned when she peed.

Hope is now on some kind of antibiotic and, here's the kicker, she has to go into CHEO to have a catheter put in and then they shoot some kind of dye up there to make sure her bladder isn't having kickback of some sort. Poor wee one. I dread that day.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for a diagnosis at last? (boo for the urethrogram). Usually they don't do that for girls... more boys... but honestly -- shouldn't be that bad for little Hope. Happy antibiotic-ing (I always LOVED the banana flavoured amoxicillin, but when I asked for the liquid last time I needed an antibiotic, the doc said I was "too old"! What was he thinking? I'm only 28! (c;
Here's to a cure

Undercover Angel said...

I'm glad they finally came up with a diagnosis. It's too bad that she has to go to CHEO for that test, but the doctors are really good there. My son had to go there once, and the Doctor's were awesome.