Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My doppelganger

So, through the Ultimate Blog Party, I was visiting someone's site and they had done this little "game" through MyHeritage.com where you upload a photo and they show you what celebrities you most look like. It sounded like a laugh, but you know what? I learned something disturbing about myself....

I look like a man.

Here's the frightening evidence:

Out of all the celebrities that I look like, according to the site, only 2 were women.

Well, at least I look prime ministerial... but I would have preferred Wilfrid Laurier (great mustache) or Kim Campbell (at least she's the right gender).

But, really the question is: what does this say about John? Is being with me a way to express his hidden and suppressed man-love? I must think on this.

For those looking for a Hope update - I have no idea what is wrong. I didn't take her to the doctor today... she was fine by mid-morning but then by 6:00 tonight it all started again - fever of 39.3 and really, really cranky. So, tomorrow I will take her in. Especially since it is almost 10:00 and she's sitting on my knee while I type this because her gums are so sore. Makes me wonder if it is all teething related although a temperature that high seems odd for teething (all doctor types tell me that "there is never a fever with teething.")


Shan said...

Okay I have to say... you and Ruben... separated at birth. Seriously.

My sister in law just told me about this on the weekend. I was going to check it out, but now I think I'd rather not know.

Amber said...

Don't forget about Katie in that shot. I'm rooting for a Katie look-a-like much more than Chester. The name alone would offend me. :-)

little b said...

what ridiculous algorithm are they using to come up with the look alikes? it's horrible? Ruben? Come. On.

I hope the doctor can give you some answers today. Call me after the appointment.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Welcome to the Party! And thanks for the fun idea. As for me, I don't see any resemblance to the men in your group! Too funny!

Happy Partying!