Sunday, June 17, 2007

Desperate for a bamboo stake?

Can you ever imagine yourself in a situation where you are so desperate for a bamboo stake that you poach one from a neighbour's tomato plant? No, me either. But apparently there is someone who lives in my area who finds him or herself in this sad situation because we arrived home from the cottage tonight to find one of my plants sadly lacking in support but still in possession of the pieces of cloth that tied it to its stake.

Honestly, what on earth?


Erika said...

Honestly... it WASN'T me! I did however scoop my own swiffer handle to tie up my own tomato plant, which was also sadly lacking in support. I'm kinda hoping it doesn't rust (c; Funny to see this piece of metal sticking out of my garden!

Silly Canadians -- there you steal each other's garden stakes. Here in the states they just shoot each other! (oops... was that a bias moment?)

little b said...

my guess is that some kids stole it for sword fighting. if it wasn't broken, they should have returned it after the battle was done.

Shan said...

Oh that's just too much. I put my money on kids too.