Saturday, July 28, 2007

Proud mama

I finally get it. I finally understand the overwhelming pride I've heard from other mums when they describe witnessing their kids' achievements. Not that I haven't been proud of Emily before. Of course, I have. But last week I was actually choking back tears and cheering and then couldn't stop cheering and felt like she was possibly the most amazing kid in the world - don't you see it!? Did everybody see it?! She is the most amazing person in the world, isn't she? Why isn't anyone else crying? You should all be crying!

I finally get what Shannon felt when she watched Abby sing as the only member of the choir. I really get it now.

Last week we went over to Steve's cottage (Steve is married to John's sister, Sue) in Orillia. Steve's grandpa, years ago, had devised a nifty little ski-board for the kids so they could have any easier way to water ski. Essentially it is a piece of plywood with a very short ski rope handle on it that they stand on while pulled very slowly behind the Sea-Doo in a little circle near the dock. Rather ingenious. Emily's cousins went first and Emily, to my amazement, said she wanted to try it. I held her in place and pushed her up and got her going and, whoa, off she went all by herself. Staring straight ahead with her little arms pulled right in, not moving a muscle she went for the whole circle and didn't dump until her dear mother fumbled the ending and caused her to face plant in the lake. Oops. Unfortunate because it kind of ruined it for her but not for me. While she did her tour I was working hard to swallow the lump in my throat, my arms raised in the air, clapping and cheering. She didn't see any of it because she wouldn't move her little eyes from looking straight ahead, concentrating with all her might. I was so completely proud of her. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Wow, she's mine.

Turns out she unseated her cousin Claire for youngest to ever successfully ride it. She broke the three year old barrier. Go, Em, go! Sorry, we were all so riveted to watching her, it wasn't captured on film so you'll just have to take my word for it.

She also tried the inflatable water slide and loved it, for a while. Until she did a naked face plant and decided it was no longer fun. I have video of it. I had it posted here and after going back and forth I decided it was probably really irresponsible to put that up here. Just assume that it is damn cute and really funny. It is.

My other proud moment was later in the week when she, on her own, figured out how to use the inflatable ring to swim. That was it for her, there was no stopping her, or the begging to be in the lake at all times.

Hope was her usual mischievous self, sleeping so-so, getting a tooth and being the most amazing baby, bar none.

We're making it a bit of a habit (not that I'm complaining) to stop at the Wilno Tavern on the way home - about 40 minutes outside of the east gates of Algonquin Park. Emily calls it the Pirogi Restaurant. The Wilno Tavern is in Wilno, Canada's first Polish settlement. I guess I don't have to tell you that people would likely commit terrible crimes for their pirogies. Emily included. Of course, put a bowl of sour cream in front of the girl and she considers it a meal.


Shan said...

Wow! Way to go Emily!

I will admit to getting a little teary reading this. Who knew that having your heart burst could feel so good?

And The Wilno Tavern sounds like a place I need to visit.

little b said...

yay Emily! that's amazing. she's very brave. and does she suddenly look older in that last picture?