Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fiddling around

You've probably noticed my new banner. I'm starting to (finally) learn Photoshop. Nothing like being ahead of the curve, eh?

It's fun. The new banner is not perfect but I like where it's headed and I like playing around. Really, the possibilities are endless. I have a couple of issues: sizing it so that it works in the stretch template (I've had to changed my template to a fixed size for now) and adding colour and undoing steps is a challenge for me but I imagine I'll figure it out as I get more comfortable.

The photo I chose might seem odd at first glance. It's a photo of India's first female rickshaw driver. It just seemed to fit well with what "Virtually There" means to me.

1 comment:

sognatrice said...

Good on you! Love the banner and the photo...excellent choice :)