Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tuesday in Austin

Somewhere along the way I've missed a day or something because based on my previous posts yesterday's event should be titled Austin Day 7 but actually it was my eighth full day here. So we're going to days of the week instead.

Last we heard from our heroine, she had deposited a possum carcass on the side of the road. Unfortunately, the City of Austin completely let me down. By 5:00 the carcass was still sitting there. By 6:00 another animal had dragged it upu the lawn and gutted it. By 6:15 there was a nasty odour and exposed entrails.

By 6:30 Graeme was digging a hole in the back yard.

This morning I did the usual walk with Hope and Westley and then while Hope was napping, I rode Beth's awesome red bike - huge fat tires, no gears, coaster brakes, giant seat - to Central Market for groceries. I'm making some stuff for the freezer today and meatballs for supper tonight.

On with the cooking!

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Shan said...

Enjoy all the cooking Karen!