Friday, October 05, 2007

Baby steps

I forgot to mention a while back that during the weekend at the cottage with John's family, Hope took her first step. She stepped. She fell. It was amazing. And, to make it more perfect, I just happened to have caught it on tape.

Since then she hasn't really advanced into walking. Occasionally over the last week or so, she'll take one or two steps and then go down, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.

Tonight things changed.

She started trying. All night tonight she would purposefully take three steps and then lunge for whatever she was aiming for. I think it's happening. My baby is becoming a toddler. True toddling is right around the corner.

I love to watch her learn new things and celebrate her achievements with that sparkle in her eyes, her chin turned up at me saying: "See me, Mummy? What do you think? Wasn't that great?" But at the same time, I lament how fast time is going. I miss the baby. It's all going so fast. These last two months especially seem to be changing her into a new person. A person I love but a new person who can do so many more things, understand more of what I say.

She's also a person who loves hugs, gives great kisses, wants to be held (a lot) and is simply love in human form. That hasn't changed one bit.


Shan said...

Way to go Hope!! I too am loving seeing Maya learn so many new things, but boy is it hard letting go of that baby phase. Especially since she's my last baby. A little heartbreaking really.

sognatrice said...

Go Hope go!

Well, now, not so fast! ;)