Thursday, February 21, 2008

A poster girl for Nyquil

I had my recipe all picked out and the ingredients ready to go for What's Cooking Wednesday but last night was the registration for preschool for the spring session and Hope wouldn't leave my arms due to the onslaught of the Plague in our house.

I was sick all last week and I'm still not quite done with the cold. Emily got it on Friday last week and she still is fighting it. Hope got it three days ago and it is the worst cold she's ever had. Her little body is racked with coughs, she can't breathe through her nose and she is clearly feeling very bad. If I leave the room, she cries. If I leave the house without her, she sobs and throws herself on the floor and eventually hides behind something for a while: the toilet, a living room chair. It's pretty bad.

So, John cooked supper last night and he also registered Emily for preschool.

I sure hope she is better soon. I feel so bad for her (and yet through all this she has continued to sleep through the night!) and also a bit for me as my choices for a social life or even regular outings are severely limited right now.

If children could take cold medication, she'd be up for one of those swollen red-nosed parts:


little b said...

oh, poor hope! she looks so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

ahhh, sympathy, ahhh


Shan said...

Oh I feel so bad for her, she looks so sick. Have you tried those Vicks Vapo plugs? I think Benalyn makes one too. They're like a glade plug type thing. I got one earlier this winter when Maya had a cold and couldn't sleep at night. It worked great for her. She's had two pretty rotten colds this winter and it helped her sleep much easier. I actually have one for each of the girls for when they're sick at the same time. I highly recommend them.