Monday, March 17, 2008

March Moment Day 17

Here are several tiny moments from the last few days since I wasn't exactly on top of the blog this weekend. Old news, I know.

On Friday night I reintroduced the bath tub crayons and it was the whole "everything old is new again" routine. It re-energized bath time for sure. I had a hard time getting them out of there.

Today was paska-making day as Easter is almost upon us and me being the good Mennonite, well, I can't have me Easter without having me some Paska. It turned out really well. Hope and Emily helped with the sprinkles and with dragging their fingers through the tops of the loaves.

And back to the bath... Emily and Hope at the end of every bath flip over, pretend to swim for a while and usually end up hugging and kissing for a while which is absolutely heart-melting and I tend to really focus on it because I know from experience that when they're about 16 and 14 the idea of kissing each other will make them each want to vomit. So, I burn it into my brain (and blog) now.

I just had to add this little moment from tonight. Emily and wet hair - always entertaining - those ears... usually very red after a bath and they never cease to amaze me in their sticky-outiness. I blame myself for some awkward breastfeeding holds. Sorry Emmy. You can blame me if you are ever teased. I think they're adorable though.

Hope has this tendency to pee right after her bath (and because we're a little slow on the uptake, it is often without a diaper on) so tonight we stuck her on the toilet right after she got out. But of course the little bugger held it. She was still thrilled to be there being the big girl though.

And to end on an extra-adorable note, just before Emily climbed into bed tonight she gave me one last gargantuan hug and said: "Mummy, I love you sooooo much. I'm going to keep you."

Whatever else that happened today that might have made me grumpy or annoyed, that erased it all.


Anonymous said...

Thems some mighty fine lookin' molars on Hope too! Can you imagine two poddy trained girls! OMG.

Very cute kissie faces too!


juls said...

My mom didn't breast feed me and I have big monkey ears. My sister and cousin would make me go under water in the pool and when I would come up they would laugh, point and call me monkey head. Yep, Em is going to get teased! ;-)

What the heck is Paska?

little b said...

MMM. Paska. That recipe you made last year was really good. I don't remember if I wrote it down. I'll have to search for it and make it this week.

Shan said...

I was thinking about making paska this year. Yum!

I was thinking much the same thing when Abby and Maya were snuggled up on the couch together and laughing their faces off about some silliness. Had to pause and burn the moment into my brain. I'm interested to see how they will be as they get older. Four years seems like a huge age difference sometimes.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Wonderful Moments!