Monday, March 10, 2008

Small Moment Day 10

After sharing her room with her cousins all weekend, Emily is back in her bed tonight (she slept on a little mattress on the floor and her cousins slept in her bed). The bed rail was off the bed all weekend as her older cousins didn't need it (although Kennedy did fall off the bed one night and landed on top of Emily so maybe it would have been useful). Tonight I asked Emily if she wanted it back on. She completely surprised me when she said "no." I've been working on convincing her to try it for a couple of months now. She had no interest but now that she knows that Kennedy and Claire don't sleep with one? Well, she wants to be the big girl, too. I left the little mattress there just in case she rolls out. I want her to have a soft landing.


juls said...

any tumbles last night?

Karen said...


juls said...

yeah emily!!

hope you have a better day today.