Tuesday, April 08, 2008

First spring day

Last week the paper talked about the difference in ottawa between the first day of Spring on March 20 and the first Spring day. I couldn't agree more. March 20 passes without notice around here, especially this year, what with the metre high pile of snow in our front yard, the sub-zero nighttime temperatures and the occasional snow flurry we were having at the time. But today? Today really felt like the first Spring day. There were big puddles, grass was showing in a few places (not on our front yard - snow pile is diminished but still at a metre in a couple of places), and rubber boots were donned. We even pulled out the bubbles.

It was a picture-worthy afternoon.

Notice Emily's new rubber boots. I wish I could pull those off. Who am I kidding? If they made them in my size, I would totally own some (if I weren't on a spending diet, that is).


Anonymous said...

not like you want to risk temptation, but softmoc in billings bridge has some pretty cool adult wellies.... might qualify as a need and not a want if the rain comes...


Anonymous said...

Your kids are beautiful.

Just like their Mum.