Monday, May 19, 2008

Hiking, burgers, swimming: Austin Day 6

My kids wore me out to the point last night that I had no energy left to write. The kids, no, the kid, has been really hard to put to bed the last two nights. Emily is consistent as usual: stories, bed, look at books on her own, go to sleep. Hope is a pain in the ass. Last night it took me an hour and a half to get her to sleep and with Emily and Hope in the same room it presents some serious challenges and frustrations. Hope jumps in her crib, talks or yells, cries, screams. Emily, after about 30 minutes of this was screaming at Hope and it all just sucked. After all that, I was done. No energy for anything except some wine and t.v.

Yesterday morning I grabbed Beth's big red bike, my favourite bike in the world, and went out to get milk and some treats for breakfast. Afterwards I took the kids to the park and we let Kate have a good morning nap. After Kate was back up we went to Turkey Creek for a hike. I had no idea how Emily would fair on a real hike that wasn't flat and root free and would require her to actually walk instead of ride in a stroller. She did so well. She walked almost the entire way only requiring to ride on shoulders for the last five minutes or so. The creek was really cool. We walked in the creek for a good way. It was a limestone bottom so it was easy to walk on and the water was really clear and shallow. It felt so cool on our feet. As we walked in it we found a lot of tadpoles that were pretty big. Emily loved finding them camouflaged against the bottom.

After the hike we drove over to a local hamburger joint in the area. It was right on the "lake". It's actually a river but everyone here calls it a lake. Odd, that. Lining the lake were huge, enormous houses. Seriously big. And parked in front and all around the restaurant were the big ski boats owned by the Richie Riches who own the houses. The restaurant seemed like the place to be on the river and the food was pretty good. I went local and ordered a basket of fried okra. Way better than fried zucchini by the way. Hope was really into the onion rings.

Oh yeah, and Beth dyed her hair purple. Ta-da!

After filling ourselves with hamburgers, pizza and okra we then drove over to the bigger part of the "lake" and swam at the park. There were tons of families there who clearly parked themselves there for the day. I saw one family who had brought their giant baby swing with them. Most families were having serious barbecues. There were lots of Mexican families cooking amazing-smelling food. Every kid in the place was in the water. It was fun but Hope thought the water was too cold so I couldn't really enjoy myself in the water with Emily because Hope was in my arms the whole time. If I put her down, she made a run for it.

There were some opportunities for people watching. I had to take sneak some photos because.... yeah.

We were all pretty spent after that. All three kids fell asleep in the car. Kate woke up first but my two kept sleeping in there long after we'd arrived home. The rest of the evening you already know. Kate is essentially making Hope look bad by being easier to put to bed and staying asleep longer, at least last night. I think Hope has also scared Beth and Graeme into being a one-kid family. She's funny, cute, a real character but also AGH! makes a person want to drink.... a lot. This post kind of reads like a slam on poor Hope. I love the kid to death.... you all know that. She's just proving challenging the last two days and nights. Right now though she is happily playing make-believe in our room with Emily and life seems just right.

Today is going to be lower-energy: some IKEA shopping, the Carter's outlet, maybe take Emily's kite for its first flight if the winds are right. Beth's friend, Marlene, is coming for supper. Should be a nice day. I have a new plan for sleep tonight too: no naps today, later bedtime, and if necessary, solitary confinement.


Julie said...

wishing you the best of luck with sleep tonight; love the "people watching" pic; weather here is cold and rainy, nice to see some sunny pictures.

Shan said...

Hope the sleeping goes okay tonight. I get the whole frustration thing. Maya is very similar, she's cute as a button, but so much work. I got off easy tonight with her going to bed, I hope you do too.

Sheryl said...

You have a crappy camera, but adorable kids :-)

It was good to see ya'll, have a safe trip home.