Friday, August 08, 2008

In the heat of battle

I'm approaching the 11th hour on the birthday party. Things are pretty well organized but there is still lots to do.... and I've been doing stuff all day.

The helium balloons are in place, the house is as clean as it's going to get, the deck is cleanish, the pasta maker is primed, the pasta dough is the in the fridge, the pizza dough is also in the fridge (backup in case of diaster with the dough the kids will make), I have a list of cookie ingredients I have to set out tomorrow morning, tables are arranged for cookie making stations but one still has to be put together in the morning, I still have to move all the play stuff out of the yard and onto the city property behind us.

The cake is made and.... it..... is...... awesome!


Okay, my camera doesn't do it justice at all. It really looks better than that.

I, who generally sucks at cake decorating, pulled it off. My only major concern is that the jelly in the middle will run over night and meld into the sprinkles. It is currently in the fridge so hopefully that will keep the jelly well congealed.

Deep breath.

I still have a bit of cooking to do tonight and then the rest is for tomorrow.

I hope I have fun. So far? Not so much.


little b said...

It will be great, I'm sure. But maybe next year a less labour intensive party? Certainly after this year, you'll have nothing to prove in the party planning department.

Oh, and the cake? The awesome.

Julie said...

The cake looks awesome. Sounds like the party went off without a hitch. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about it. And if no one had the chance to tell you at the party, Karen, you rock!