Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend mini-report

I had a great, great time in Toronto. I'll give a fuller report at some point. Not sure when. Right now I am trying to clean the house a little before John's mum arrives. It isn't exactly in stellar shape right now. Kind of gross in fact.

Add to that that I sprained my ankle while we tried to make our way to the ultra-cool looking Chinese Lantern Festival at Ontario Place. It's the same ankle I sprained last year. I went down like a sack of hammers, ripping my new pants by the by, and ruining chances to see said lanterns. It really sucks to be clutzy. Anyway, now I am trying to clean and do laundry while really I should be sitting with ice on my ankle but if I don't do some of it tonight, it won't get done.

Perhaps a cup of tea will give me the extra energy I need.

Also got a wicked pedicure with special toe nail designing but I'm afraid to show the world my toes as they are decidely troll-like I'm told.

And with that, back to cleaning.


Julie said...

OK, you totally have to show us your girlie toes!! Sorry to hear about the ankle. Try and get off of it. Try being the key word!

little b said...

I'm sorry about your ankle. That really sucks. I would like to hear more about what you did all weekend. And, taken from the right angle, you can totally minimize the troll-ness of your toe (it's not all your toes!) and show us the lovely pedi!