Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Apparently I occasionally sound Canadian

I will give a full report on the last weekend at the cottage another day this week. For now, I want to share something funny.

I'm taking another course this fall towards my certificate in teaching English as a second language. The current course I'm taking is Intro to Linguistics. My prof, an extremely gregarious and funny woman, sent us off, for fun, to take the What American Accent Do You Have quiz. Currently there isn't one for Canadians although that would be very interesting.

Here was my result:

Which American accent do you have?

North Central

What people call the "Minnesota accent." Sounds almost Canadian. You may have even been asked if you were from Canada before.

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Indeed, I have been asked. Many times. How quaint.


little b said...

You have probably only been told a few times that you sound Canadian. I, however, get it all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. And the quiz confirms it. I sound Canadian. Funny how that works.

Makes it harder to be undercover though.

Pam said...

Well according to my test results I'm neutral (i.e. all american)...go figure!

Julie said...

I can't seem to acces this from work. I'll have to see if I am Canadian when I get home.

Julie said...

I am Canadian!