Thursday, September 18, 2008


I was carrying Hope down the stairs from our top floor, as she always asks me to do and I always agree to for some reason. She started picking her nose. Gross. I told her to stop, that picking your nose is icky. She smiled. She looked at her finger. She wiped her finger on my shoulder. She started laughing.

So did I. How could you not?

She'll do just fine.


Jen said...

Icky, but we all do it. Um, although I refrain from wiping it on someone's shoulder, I should add....eww.

Julie said...

With Max's having a really bad cold, I am currently covered in snot, though it is not put there intentionally. Or at least I don't think it is!

Jen said...

Julie's comment makes me wonder if every toddler in Ottawa is down with a cold. I mean, we have it, Hope apparently has something, and now Julie. First cold of the season blues, fer sure.

Pam said...

Good thinking Hope! Sorry to hear that Ottawa is entering a round of colds. BTW, I'm glad to hear someone else gives into a toddler re: being can I resist a "momma carry me". I probably could if I knew it didn't result in a water work whining moment:)