Sunday, September 07, 2008

Look who's two!

Hope, my wee baby, turned two today! We had friends, Ron and Meredith and kids over and Mike, Cibele and Sophia. It was loud, messy and oh, so much fun. Hope had a great time. The food was yummy, if a bit late getting on the table (church obligations this morning, the involved Dora cake (see last year's efforts - at least I had done it once before speeding this year's process up a bit) and a clingy newly-two year old meant everything got on the bbq and on the cutting board later than planned).

The Dora cake, by the by, turned out even better than last year although I forgot to get a good picture of it. You'll have to watch the video instead:

Hope's favourite gifts of the evening were the frog backpack from Beth and the Mr. Potato Head from Omi. A close second were her new baby, the baby-doll Baby Bjorn, the baby-doll exersaucer and the puzzles (not yet fully explored). In other words, she loved everything.

Happy birthday, sweet pea.


little b said...

Yay, Hope! She looks older than she did in the summer, even though it's only been six or so weeks. And that hair is still extraordinary.

Jen said...

Happy B-Day Hope! Karen, I'm thinkin' *I'm* going to want a Dora cake come November 4th.

Shan said...

Happy Birthday Hope!!!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Hopey!!