Friday, October 03, 2008

Beth's visit: Day 1

Yay! Beth's here! She arrived Wednesday night. Yesterday we stayed close to home. We walked over to the library for our morning activity. Emily was at school for the afternoon while the Hope and Kate slept. Beth and I enjoyed an afternoon of knitting and Framboise. So civilized. So Desperate Housewives.

Today we were SUPPOSED to go to Carleton's awesome butterfly exhibit but then I happened to be on Carleton's website for an entirely different reason and noticed that the exhibit starts October 4, which I also realized is not today. So, a new plan is being hatched that will likely entail a bus, train and bus ride to the Market. Should be fun. We'll do the butterflies on Monday instead.

Time to brush some unruly hair and head out. So to speak.


Shan said...

Have fun with Beth!

julie said...

Sounds like fun!

Hi to Beth!!!

xxx Julie E.

jannie said...

Enjoy enjoy this time!!!
I can see you each, with smiles all over your faces!
all the time.
Love you all, jannie