Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Hallowe'en everyone! I hope it was a good night for you; it was for us.

This year I got myself a costume. As a kid I loved it when I saw parents dress up for Hallowe'en and often wished my parents would do that. I vaguely remember my mum or dad sometimes wearing a goofy hat but never a full-blown costume. So I decided that from here on out I would be a parent with a full-blown costume and Emily LOVED it.

Almost as much as she LOVED trick-or-treating.

This was Hope's first year out there and she got the hang of it after the first house. She even said "Trick or Treat!" (more like "tik or teet") almost every time with a resounding "tanks!" afterwards. It was so darn cute I almost couldn't stand it.

We did our side of the U of our crescent and that was enough for Emily. "I'm all done trick or treating" she said. I love that she knows when she's had enough. She was happy with what she had. There was no greed there.

We sorted the candy, had a taste and now they are in bed. I wish I could say they were slumbering peacefully but of course Hope is crying at having been left alone in her room. We're so evil.

I must say as well that my pumpkin carving skills are getting better every year (thanks to some internet stencils!). Happy Hallowe'en all!


Erika said...

Sounds like a GREAT halloween was had by all. Yay! Now... did the kiddies share the loot with mom? (It's all about sharing you know!) And I love the pumpkins... very cute (C:

julie said...

great dora and cinderella pumpkins!
It is fun to be 'home' and available for our kids eh? I don't know who has more fun, us or them...I love getting into all that stuff too....we all get dressed up too every year and not only the kids but all of the people we see out on the street love it too. Love to read up on your blog Karen, thanks. Keep it up! Have a great weekend. Julie E.

Julie said...

Those pumpkins are awesome! Very impressive. And I love the artist costume. Looks like it was a fun night for everyone.

Shan said...

I almost used that Dora stencil myself. Except Mike picked pumpkins that were taller than they were wide. Love the costumes! Looked like you had a great night.