Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rising with the roosters is for the birds

I'm getting worn out. Hope has been getting up around 6:00 every morning, sometimes earlier, for over a month now. Maybe longer even. I've lost track. All I know is it is damn early and I'm getting worn out. Especially since I don't get to bed early enough to make up the lost hours on the morning end.

She doesn't exactly wake up delicately for a non-morning person like me. She wakes up like a shot screaming MUMMY over and over and over. If John goes in instead, she completely flips out and and continues to flip out for the following 15 minutes or so. Or as long as it takes to get her in front of Dora. In other words, I almost always go in because it really isn't worth waking up everyone else.

I remember that Emily was an early riser at the same age but with me going to the office at the time it didn't really matter that much. Also, she let John get her without as much protest as Hope.

I sure hope it comes to an end soon because seeing the sunrise every morning is getting a bit played.

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little b said...

Kate was doing that for about a week after our return from Ottawa. In fact, she still is, but now I can nurse her back to sleep. There were a few really rough days though. I am so not ready to be up at 6. I hope Hope starts sleeping later.