Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas under a rock

It seems I spoke too soon. This flu is still in full swing although I feel marginally better today. Yesterday, Christmas Day, was not what I had hoped it would be. In most most wallowly moments I feel that I ruined Christmas. More for me than anyone else though I suppose.

There are a few good moments I want to share however. On Christmas Eve, the girls put out the milk and cookies and carrots for Rudolph. After they were in bed, one of the logs from the fire rolled forward and smashed one of the glass doors on the fireplace. We decided to blame it on Santa, wrote a note from the big fellow apologizing to Emily and Hope and thanking them for the cookies. Christmas morning we all came down and I put on my best actress and was shocked by the state of the fireplace door. Emily ate it up. She was amazed that Santa's fat tummy broke the door. I think we'll talk about this for years to come. It was great.

The girls loved their gifts and we had a good time opening them as usual. The girls' favourites were:

  • the water colouring book from Beth
  • The Leapfrog LeapPad from Santa (I actually bought it used)
  • the princess wand and dress-up jewellery from Omi
  • the pirate ship from Papa
  • the cash register from Papa
The grown-ups did well too. In fact, I'm still wearing my new pyjamas which I love, love, love. Not only because they came with a scarf!

After lunch things turned sour for me health-wise. I was in a lot of pain. I limped through Christmas dinner but didn't even taste the turkey or stuffing which looked awesome. I was in bed by 6:30 and slept until 8:00 this morning (save for 2 wake-ups by Hope. Grrrr.).

I'm trying to dwell on yesterday's good moments. However, the downer of today is that Omi has now contracted our illness making us all feel doubly worse. I guess misery loves company.

Let's hope for a better Boxing Day.


Julie said...

Hey! I hope you are doing better. Love the fireplace story. Emily is definately going to talk about it for years. Sounds like the girls had a wonderful time. They will remember the good and not even realise that you were sick. Sucks about Omi though!

H Munro said...

Did you get those brutal stomach cramps?I had those for a couple of days, Advil seemed to help a little.
We also gave the flu to our Grandma. It is a douzy of a flu.
I hope you are feeling better!
One good thing you won't gain the weight all the rest of us do at Christmas.