Thursday, December 11, 2008

Exam and baking business equals offline

Yikes, I have a lot of little things I should be blogging about but instead my time has been spent either baking, baking, baking or studying for my exam. I was taking one course this term towards my Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. The exam was yesterday morning at 9:00. Yesterday morning at 9:00 the city was sitting under 27 cm of snow and in the first hours of a full-on transit strike. It was not the ideal time to be making my way to Carleton to write an exam.

Luckily, the student union arranged school buses to pick up students (I guess I am one) at locations around the city so I was able to enjoy a school bus ride up bank street with thousands of other cars through crazy amounts of snow.

School buses were cancelled yesterday due to the snow and freezing rain so John drove Emily to school and I walked there with Hope in the stroller to pick her up. We walked on the street since the sidewalks weren't passable yet. Apparently I'm a bit faster walker than I thought because we arrived at Emily's class fifteen minutes before we should have. Hope was thrilled to go into Emily's class and play with some of the toys and games. Emily was less impressed.

My whole idea yesterday of walking during Hope's normal nap time comes from the fact that aside from the first day in Hope's new big-girl bed, she has refused to nap in there. She climbs out, bangs on the door, plays with her toys and books and generally wreaks havoc with the room and my nerves. On Tuesday I gave up and said that from now on I would walk during her nap and she could nap in the stroller and I would get some exercise (much need exercise).

Is anyone surprised to find out that Hope fell asleep on Emily's shoulder five minutes before we reached our driveway yesterday? and then again last night in the stroller when we we for a walk to look at the Christmas lights? Ugh.

Today I'm going to try her bed again but have no hopes for success. Any ideas? I've tried taking away things she likes, I've tried laying in bed with her, I've tried sitting on the floor, I've tried being very stern with her, I've tried everything I can think of. I'm ready to call it quits, walk with the stroller and not care too much whether she sleeps or not.


Shan said...

When Abby moved from crib to bed I had the same sort of problem. What I ended up doing was standing outside of her bedroom door and the second her feet hit the floor I'd go back in, pick her back up and put her back in bed then turn around and leave. I never said anything to her when I did it. I explained to her when I put her to bed that it was bedtime or nap time or whatever and she needed to stay in bed. I didn't want to continue arguing with her about it so I just didn't make a big deal about it. Just put her back in. And yep in the beginning she was out of bed before I got to the door, but after 2 or 3 days it wasn't an issue any longer.

Karen said...

Great idea.

I was able to get her to sleep in her bed today! I sat and read a book on the floor using my booklight and she stayed in bed and went to sleep (for 2.5 hours). It was great.