Friday, January 23, 2009

Hope's first haircut

I know. It's a little hard to believe. Hope is almost 2 and a half and until Wednesday had not had a proper haircut. She'd had a few little snips off the bangs. But that's it.

She has beautiful curls. Gorgeous in fact. She gets comments from strangers whenever we're out. But it was starting to look pretty bad if she had a hat on (which is every day right now) or just woke up or if, ahem, someone forgot to brush it that day. She was starting to look like THOSE KIDS. Those kids whose parents don't realize how bad their hair looks and why don't you just CUT YOUR KID'S DAMN HAIR ALREADY. Yeah, that was me. This parent. This parent with the kid with the really straggly hair that was always in her face and looking totally wild.

Which isn't totally inconsistent with her personality really.

Wednesday was the big day. We were all booked in. Me first. Then Emily's turn in the chair. Emily is the prefect hair-cutting role model. I've said it before and I'll say it again: this child doesn't move a muscle when she is getting her hair cut. From the beginning she has been amazing at it. Since she had her first haircut at age 1, she only has cried once. And she really loves it.

Hope watched but still was pretty resistant. Of course, knowing Hope, I knew I could force it without too much complaint. She knows now when I mean business and will generally bend to my will (unless it has to do with food or the toilet. Then I'm cooked). So, after pouting and complaining for the token two or three minutes, she agreed to sit on my lap. Her hair-cutting genes kicked in and she obeyed Michel's every instruction and earned herself the coveted lollipop. She didn't let the event go by without giving Michel the evil eye a couple of times. She's an expert at the evil eye and the pouty lip.

Since I was trapped under Hope, Emily was the photographer and didn't do too badly, I'd say. Of course, I gathered some of her baby curls from the floor and tucked them away for safekeeping.

I'm happy to report however that the curls are still there. In spades.


little b said...

I love it! She looks super cute. And less like an urchin.

Shan said...

She looks totally adorable. Maya's hair was getting the same way so she had her first cut the day before yesterday. Just an inch or so off to neaten her up a bit. Can't hardly tell really.

Lynn said...

So, so cute! And she looks just like you :).

Erika said...

Very cute. And way to go Emily! Excellent photography (action shots and all!)

Julie said...

Hopey looks totally adorable! I miss Michel. And congrats to Em on some great shots!