Thursday, January 01, 2009

Two nights, two movies

Being the social animals we are, living the high life here in Canada's capital, frequenting all the hippest, coolest parties, rubbing shoulders with Canada's political elite, you KNOW that we had to turn down all kinds of invitations for last night in order to stay home, put the kids to bed and watch a movie. And that the movie must have been GREAT in order for us to say no to so many great chances to ring in the new year. And so, I must tell you about the movie we saw last night as well as the one we watched tonight (which we watched right after getting home from a great family-style party at our friend's, Pete and Julie's.)

Last night we watched Run, Fat Boy, Run. It was lighthearted and hilarious but had a great heart. A perfect New Year's movie. And, to make it that much better, it had that guy in it whose name John always has to tell me and that I could find on IMDB for you but really, who wants to do that? He's that guy from Hot Fuzz and Spaced. Not the fat guy. The other guy. You know. He's realized that the girl he left pregnant at the alter ten years earlier was the ONE and to prove to her that he has changed and is responsible he decides to run a marathon. Cue hilarity.

The movie we saw tonight was Ghosttown. It had one huge thing going for it: Ricky Gervais. He plays a similar character to the one he played in Extras. Almost as big a dink and just as funny. Maybe funnier. No, that's not possible. Anyway, he's a guy who undergoes surgery, dies for a few minutes and wakes up to find that he can see all the ghosts of Manhattan. The ghosts figure it out quickly too and start asking him to get closure for him. It's absolutely hilarious and sweet. Very sweet.

So, there are two great movie recommendations for you for the next time you have to come up with an excuse not to attend all those parties that I know you too have all over your calendars.


Lynn said...

We also stayed home and watched a movie over cheese fondue. Not that the public wasn't beating down our door with offers, of course.

We watched Lars And The Real Girl, an indie movie from last year. It was fantastic -- lighthearted and yet lovely and moving. I highly recommend!

Karen said...

Oh, I just saw that movie last year and blogged about it too. I loved it so much. I want to see it again soon. It was great!

little b said...

We watched 'the visitor'. Quite good and I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for the reminder about Ghosttown. I had wanted to see it when it came out. Good to know it's now out. I'll head over to the video store shortly and hope they have a copy.

Shan said...

Oh I have been wanting to see Run Fat Boy Run. I love Simon Pegg. Please tell me you've seen Shaun of the Dead. One of my favourite movies. The bigger guy was fantastic in Kinky Boots. Which is another great British film that I bought my Mom for Christmas.

Thanks for the reminder about Ghost Town. We're big Ricky Gervais fans here. Loved the original Office, of course. I haven't caught all of Extras yet, but enough to love it too. We watched his stand up special on HBO just last week and laughed our faces off.