Saturday, February 21, 2009

The cake in its final form

I finished the cake, I delivered it without dropping it on the way into the hall, the icing didn't melt (thanks to a walk in fridge in the gigantic - no, really... imagine gigantic and then multiply it by 5 - kitchen in the rental hall). I felt like a real caterer standing in that kitchen with the other caterers building my cake. It was a very cool moment for me.

So, below is the cake. Now, if you're some kind of awesome cake decorator this will seem like a pathetic attempt but for me, the anti-cake decorator, this is a masterpiece. Please don't rain on my parade. In case you can't tell, it's supposed to be building blocks that spell a name: Saurav, the name of the boy whose birthday it was. Of course, if I had to tell you all that, chances are my cake was not much of a success.

I'm VERY thrilled with the cupcakes. The cupcakes are on my roster to stay. I plan to offer these for sale year round in any colour of icing (real buttercream only). I'll offer marble, as these were, banana, carrot and chocolate. No white. Know what? White cake sucks. These marble though? They RULED.

And you know, of course, that these did not come from any mix and that makes them nothing like anything you've ever tasted before unless of course you've tasted homemade cakes before in which case, yes, you've tasted something like them before. But wait... the pretty icing and sprinkles! Only $1.50 each for your next party. What a steal!

I think I need some sleep. And some Nyquil.


Erika said...

Love the birthday cake! Very cool idea... and I'm sure the kids will love the icing-to-cake ratio.

I learned on Friday that the oh-so-popular "red cake" is traditionally made with beets! (it's a chocolate cake... has cocoa too). Can you add that flavour with buttercream? I may have to drive up to get them!

(who'd have thunk it? Beets? In a cake?)

Looks awesome KK! Way to go!

Shan said...

You did an awesome job Karen. It looks incredible. The cupcakes are adorable. I am with you on the white cake, but it's Mike and Grandma Linda's favourite. What is up with that? Blech.

little b said...

It looks amazing! The cupcakes look delicious with all that buttercream on the top. Yum.

Pam said...

Your cake creation and cupcakes look fantastic! And from personal experience I know they will taste great! Congratulations!

Julie said...

I am sure that the blocks cake was a big success. Very awesome. ANd the cup cakes look devine. I just had some from the famous Magnolia Bakeries in NYC, and yours look better! I had a Red Velvet. Very red. I thought it would taste like something. Nope. Just a very pretty red cake, some good buttercream icing, but nothing more than that. A little disapointing. I'd go for your cupcakes any day.