Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And so it goes....

Blog, what blog?

Oh, right, this place.  This place that I've been ignoring for almost a week.  I caused my mother-in-law a near panic attack given that I'm suffering from some unknown illness and have been uncharacteristically absent from here for a while.  Sorry, Rose.

I've had pretty bad fatigue the last several days, to the point that I just couldn't focus my mind on anything but keeping the kids reasonably happy and getting supper on the table.  That was pretty much all I could do.  And sleep, of course.  But, given that Hope is napping less and less consistently, sleep wasn't something I was able to do much of.

I've made another appointment with my GP for Friday.  I plan to ask for as many tests as she can throw at me, specifically checking my hormones and for any spinal disc issues, before we move at the end of June.  My problem is that I have no diagnosis so far and as of July 1 I'll have no access to full-time family doctor, unless I beg one long enough to take me for one year or I drive to Ottawa frequently to see my so-far-less-than-stellar GP.  Other than that, all I can do is go to a walk-in clinic often enough but then I'll just get whoever is on that night and no consistency of care.  Not a good option.

The old cleanse is getting tiresome.  I could really use some red meat, a thick slice of homemade bread with butter, pretty much anything normal right now.  I have seen an improvement in my digestive system but not in the neurological symptoms I have.  And of course, I'm still as tired as all get-out.

I sure could use some answers.

However, on the bright side, I've discovered a few new recipes that have been winners.  I plan to share them.  Today would make sense as it is Shan's What's Cooking Wednesday but the recipes are all the way upstairs.  

I mean, c'mon.


Lynn said...

I'm not a doctor, but I have a friend with Fibromyalgia and it sounds like you have similar symptoms:
WikiI hope you feel better soon! Are you still baking?

Julie said...

Too bad about the cleanse. I know you were hoping for a bit more energy with it. There won't be any Kasha at Max's party, but lots of fruti and veggies.

Hope you get some answers soon! I was thinking about fibromyalgia as well.