Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Toilet update

Hope sort of blew the lid, in a sense, off the whole toilet training thing this weekend.  She has started asking to use the toilet during certain times of the day... and actually goes pee!  Of course, it often has to be her decision and when it is convenient for her.  If I try and get her on there when she isn't interested, it absolutely and positively will not happen.

I haven't tried her in underwear yet because I'm pretty sure she'll pee in them.  Or worse.  However, I did put her in Pull-Ups the other day and she really liked them.  She calls them Tull-Ups.  Go figure.

I'm amazed by how she's figured it out so quickly.  And with so little stress to me.  It is such a contrast to my experience with Emily.  I didn't approach Emily's toilet training well I realize now.  I'm taking a much more relaxed approach this time and it is paying off HUGE.

Just a short update now on my health saga: I've decided to conduct a wee experiment and see when my doctor's office is actually going to call me about an appointment with a neurologist.  Right now we're almost 4 weeks away from when my doctor suggested it.  Last Tuesday they told me they faxed the form to a neurologist's office.  I still haven't heard.  Want to place a bet?  Given that we're moving out of Ottawa on June 30, I'm guessing I'll be seeing a neurologist in Kitchener or Toronto.  In the meantime, I saw my naturopath yesterday and I'm undergoing a cleanse, taking a bunch of herbs and doing some other things.  We'll see if it makes a difference.  I have high hopes that it will.  

As for today, I plan to get out in the garden and plant some lettuce and onions - things I can harvest before we move!  The rest of the summer, I'll be gardening at the cottage.
Edit:  I totally lose the bet!  I just got a call from the neuro office saying they have a cancellation at 1:30 today!  Hooray!


Julie said...

today??? Awesome! Can't wait to hear what they think.

Pam said...

Wow, an appointment today! Let us know what route they are taking you on.

jannie said...

Yes Yes Awesome!!! Am thrilled!
Please God, Give Karen a wise and caring physician!
Do keep us posted.