Sunday, May 31, 2009

The house of yesterday

I found a house.  It's huge.  Not just huge.  It has five bedrooms.  Five normal sized bedrooms.  It's a brick house, from about the 1920s.  Amazing location - a 10 minute walk to Emily's school, a grocery store, 15 minutes to Greg and Tamara's, 10 minutes to another friend's.  I've put in an application with the property manager, a friend of Greg's luckily.

Unfortunately, the owner has to be faxed the application and then decide if she want us and that won't even start until tomorrow, Monday.  I want to have a house before I leave here.  Otherwise I could be royally screwed.

I'm seeing one other place today which looks really nice from the photos but the location isn't nearly as good as the other.  I'll have a decision to make later.  Ugh.  I hate this.

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Julie said...

Keeping fingers, toes (not as pretty as yours at the moment) and other appendages crossed that the house works out.