Thursday, May 07, 2009

Today it begins: Day 1 toilet training

I have a lot to write about, all the things we've done in the last few days: Tulip Festival, Emily's first T-ball game, but all I can really write about, and quickly, is that today is Day 1 in Project Toilet Train Hope.

I bought an eBook to help me do it fast and dirty (likely very dirty).  It is by Lora Jensen and is called 3 Day Potty Training.  You can find it here.  

Step one will be to get rid of the diapers in a visible way so Hope knows they're gone.  Being that we use cloth, they'll be boxed up.  And after that it is all underwear all the time.  

I'll likely post quick updates as I can but I likely will get almost no computer time today as I glue myself to her side.  Wish us luck!


Julie said...

I don't know who to wish the luck to, you or Hope! ;-) Hopefully it's quick, dirty and painless!

Good luck!

Lynn said...

I'm thinking of trying this later this summer with our youngest -- she'll be two in July and I thought I'd start then. I'm looking forward to hearing all about how it goes with Hope, and if you have any tips!

Beth said...

Go, Hope, go! We'll be watching very closely to see how this goes since we'll be doing it sometime this summer. I hope it's successful!