Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finally, I can blog about this!

It's 8:02 AM and John has been golfing for the last hour. Since I know he won't be reading my blog at all today I finally have a chance to talk about what we're doing today. But first some background:

John is turning 40. Yipes!

His actual birthday is June 18 but today I'm throwing him a not-so-surprising-surprise-party. It was supposed to be a traditional surprise party but I had to tell him what was going on when he announced he would likely be at graduation today (turns out he had the date wrong). And then he asked if it would be like a wedding where he could golf first before the big event. Another surprise gone.

However, he thinks that it will only be the usual four families. He doesn't know that it will be his brother's family, Pam/Jim and company, and our friends Dawn/John and Emily. So at least there is one surprise left.

This whole thing is going down at Pete and Julie's cottage in Perth. I am going to owe them so big after this.

I've made a lot A LOT of food - homemade hamburgers, great sausages from my favourite Ottawa sausage place, a huge whack of potato salad, and a very large carrot cake (decorated quite well, although not SHANNON-well). Others are helping me out by bringing fruit and vegetable trays and cupcakes for the kiddies.

I hope the weather holds. I think it will. I also think it will be a great day although probably seriously chaotic with 9 children and 14 adults. Pictures to come later!


Shan said...

I hope the weather holds for you Karen. Enjoy the party and I do hope that John is a little bit surprised. Can't wait to see pictures, especially the cake. I'm sure it's beautiful.

Erika said...

That sounds AWESOME! Surprise or not, I'm sure he'll love it (C: Have a wonderful time!