Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's official

We signed the lease and sent it to the property manager yesterday. It's all done now. The house is ours. We won't be homeless when we arrive in Waterloo. Good news!

Now onto the really fun stuff: packing. Ugh, how I loathe packing. I have several boxes done already. I have a few more I can do and then most of the rest of them will have to wait until just before we go.

Right now my head is more focussed on New York City, baby! In eight days we drive to St. Catharines to drop the girls off at Omi's for the weekend and then on June 19 we fly to NYC from Buffalo. I bought some new sandals, primed for a lot of walking, for the trip.

I hope my legs are up to it! With all this possible Celiac/whatever is going on with me, my legs have a feeling of constant fatigue although the muscle strength is really good... it's strange. Anyway, hopefully my appointment with a GI on June 17 will help explain some of this. It will likely be no bagels for me in NY. So sad.

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