Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The contest

No, not that contest! This is a family-rated blog (most of the time, minus some gritty language now and again).

The contest is this: I've challenged Emily to go for a full day - from when she wakes up to when she goes to bed - without crying. Crying due to getting hurt is allowed. All other crying is not - because your ice cream isn't a perfectly round mound on your cone, because Mummy isn't walking up the stairs directly behind you, because Hope isn't scared to go on the swing when you are, because you can't draw a perfect house - all of that is NOT ALLOWED. And mostly it is not allowed because if there is crying for any of those reasons or equally inane ones anymore this week/month/year, Mummy will throw herself in front of a moving train.

The contest is really a challenge to keep Mummy from moving into the woods and living like a hermit. And loving it.

The prize is any toy Emily chooses the day after she succeeds. If she fails (and I KNOW she will fail during the first few tries), she gets to start fresh the next morning. She seemed keen and I even caught her stopping herself from crying when she had to say goodnight to me without having me actually put her in her bed.

I honestly have no idea what has got into her the last couple of months. I can't blame it entirely on the move or school ending (although having those two things happen simultaneously was unfortunate). For now I'm blaming it on being 4, almost 5. And 4, almost 5, sucks. It really sucks. At least if you're the parent of the 4, almost 5.

I think there are crazy emotions running rampant, unchecked, having a grand old party in there with no one telling them to TURN DOWN THE G.D. MUSIC or STOP USING MY CANNING FUNNEL AS A BONG or THAT'S THE NEIGHBOUR'S DOG, FOR GOD'S SAKE!

And Emily is no match for that.

I do feel for her. I also feel for me. Hopefully The Contest will have a happy conclusion and at the very least, a little less crying. I'd go for even 10% less.


Erika said...

Oh KK! This sounds awful )c: I hope your game works!!!

Pam said...

I hope Emily wins the challenge every day, just for your sanity!

Julie said...

Good luck!

Go Emily!!

Shan said...

I hope the contest works out for you. It's no fun when they get like that. Abby still has moments like that. She's old enough now that we both know she needs to head up to her room to chill out for a while. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Day One = Emily crying about water in pool...too wet, not wet enough, too clear, not clear enough, too warm, too cold, too much like Sprite, too little like Sprite, smells like skunk, doesn't smell like skunk, want to splash Hope, don't want to splash Hope, love Mummy, don't love Mummy.

In short, a classic visit to G and T's kid pool.

Your intrepid reporter.