Sunday, August 30, 2009

Adios curls

Not mine. I still have them although they are definitively in the column FRIZZ instead of the column LUCIOUS CURLS. Someday when I'm rich and famous and my bed is made of $100 bills, I'll buy every de-frizzing product on the market and see which is the best for me. For now, I look like Monica on that Friends episode. The frizzy episode. You know the one.

Anywho. This isn't about me. It's about HIM.

In case you're confused, by HIM, I don't mean God.

I mean my husband. His name is John. Six foot three. Size 13 feet. Dark, curly hair.

Let's revise that. Dark hair. No longer curly.

This is due to the actions of a certain person with a razor (mentioned earlier on this blog as someone comparable to a Turkish market vendor who could likely sell you-know-what to you-know-who) who somehow convinced John that he should shave his curls in response to another certain person's hilarious (really, they were) comments about wildlife taking up residence in John's hair due to the fact that John hasn't seen a barber in oh, eons. And then, promptly after hilarious (really, I am hilarious) person made said comments, John got a weird look on his face and pulled out of his hair, no joke, a FLYING ANT that had likely been there most of the day or at least for several hours or minutes.

And now John continues to preface explanations for his lack of hair with "Well, after being the target of abuse for so long, I really had no choice....." Blah, blah, blah.

And so without further ado, please meet the newly shorn John:

If you have any nasty pots sitting around, I've now got a spare Brillo pad in the house.

Love you, man!

UPDATE: John received a question or two about his magnificent melon from the front. Brace yourselves:


little b said...

wow! that's a new look for John. I think I like it, although I would need the front view to know for certain.

J. said...

Geez ... gone for two months and John's already joining the military?

That's okay - by the time you guys are back in Ottawa, I'll have the manly ponytail back ... nothing says 'cool professor' like that does!


Julie said...

His head is so round!

I like. It'll be fun to see how it grows in.

(I'm still in tears about the flying ant)

Pam said...

I like it! And you are frackin' hilarious too!

Erika said...

Yowza! That's quite the change! Good to see Emily likes it (-:

Anonymous said...

Okay, just *tell* me "J" isn't the lanky one cuz I think I'd gag if I had to stomach the manly ponytail...

BTW: I've always liked the shorn look on John. Maybe he could convince Jason to do something to his? Quite simply, neo-grunge isn't nearly as much fun as the first time around.