Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day of school

Today is Emily's first day of Senior Kindergarten (SK). Waterloo schools (most of them) do full-day kindergarten alternating days, which is a confusing way to say that she attends on Tuesdays, Thursdays and every other Friday. Other kids go Mondays, Wednesdays and every other Friday. This is a not-so-great way to save on bus money, making things more difficult for teachers and students alike. Mrs. K, Emily's new teacher, told me this morning she would much prefer the "old" way of half-day every day. I know we really liked it last year in Ottawa and I'm glad Hope will be going back to that when she starts JK next year back at home.

No matter, I think Emily will have a great year. Mrs. K seems very nice and Emily was characteristically enthusiastic this morning, asking me about 10 times starting at 7:30 if it was time to leave yet.

This year we get to walk to school which is wonderful. I love the charm of walking to school. There are so many treasures to discover and pick up along the way! I did it up until Grade 9 and I wished Emily had that chance last year. I will love walking her to school this year with Hope running along behind.

Because Emily is there for full days, she has to take a lunch. Eek! Packing a lunch! I really wanted to avoid this until Grade 1. And there is a snack too of course. Today she headed off with a fruit/coleslaw salad, two plums, a piece of lemon square (thanks, Sara!), an apple, a rice pudding and water.

Yes, she requested the fruity coleslaw. I made it last night, packed her whole lunch and then realized at 6:00 this morning that I left her lunch out all night long. With mayonaisey coleslaw and rice pudding. I repacked the lunch at 7:00 with fresh COLD food. And an ice pack.

She wasn't teary at all (I didn't expect her to be), she was very excited and didn't seem too worried that she didn't know anyone. There are 4 other new SK kids in her class so she isn't the only newbie.

I hope she has a great day. Later today my wee Hope goes to her first drop-off preschool. Mummy may have a heart attack.


Anonymous said...

Cute! But weird school system, on and off days. Makes for a nightmare if you work, I would imagine. Are you guys still planning on going to Austin?


Julie said...

She looks like she is ready to busrt. Not as much as last year's photo, but still rearing to go.

How did Hope's drop off go? How did you do?

Karen said...

Jen - yes, it is weird and I'm not a fan of the system. We're still going to Austin. We plan to leave at the end of November and come back around the end of January.

Julie - Hope's drop off was totally painless for both of us luckily.