Thursday, September 17, 2009

I could make a good mixed drink with my toes

It is so cold in our house at night right now that, I'm not kidding, I could ice a martini with my toes. Not that you'd want to drink it after but it might be an experiment worth trying JUST TO SEE.

The past two nights I've worn wool socks to bed.

Last night I got up, as per usual, to see what Hope was going on about. Seems her blankets were twisted. And she had to pee. As I walked up to her room I realized that my entire body, which was clothes in said wool socks and winter pyjamas, was freezing... head to toe. I was deeply, entirely cold.

So I grabbed the giant, stored away until winter, duvet and hauled it onto our bed, under which I had another blanket. And that is how I spent the rest of my blissful night. Warm and smothered in a duvet and winter pyjamas.

People, today was September 17 and I shouldn't be doing this yet. What is going to happen in February for example when it is minus 20 outside (it does get that cold in Waterloo, right?)?

I'll tell you. I'll move into the dryer and set it to fluff.


Julie said...

yes, interesting experiment but no, i wouldn't want to taste it.

hope you have a mild winter!

Shan said...

Note to self - don't drink the cocktails at Karen's.

Pam said...

Cold up here in Ottawa as well. Miss ya but not your cocktails :)

Erika said...

I love my electric blanket! (and bought one for Rob too to keep the house heating bill down!)