Thursday, October 15, 2009

Either popping early or sloppy fat

I'm seven weeks pregnant and 1 day. And yet I've already been forced into those early kind of maternity pants. Not the ones with the giant panel that we all love. Not even the ones with the four-inch band. But I am having to wear the ones with the stretchy waists, the extra elastic sewn in... you know the ones.

This is my third baby. Is it normal to start showing this early or have I just let myself go? Has my muffin top grown into a full spare tire?

Should I really be sharing this with the blogosphere?

Oh baby, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what I'm willing to share over the next 7 and a half months!


little b said...

Let's say you're popping early. I'm going to say that my body didn't gain enough last pregnancy and is making up for it this time. Right? Right?

Holly said...

Definitely popping early. We've had to let others in on our family-growth secret a little earlier each time, because they were able to guess anyway!

We're thrilled down here about the big news. And excited for your HBAC plans - Go, Karen!