Friday, November 27, 2009

Happiness is....

.... getting a package in the mail that you're not expecting!

Happiness is slowly taking off the brown paper not knowing who sent it or what could be inside. Happiness is finding out that it is from a very close friend back home who made you something very special.

I opened the box to find this inside:

Still very confused but excited, I took everything out. These little handmade cards caught my eye first and the very first one was addressed to me!

My good friend, Pam, made up this package to make my 25 Days of Christmas a little more special. There is a home-decorated envelope for each day with a cute little card that I can write our activity in.

(Yes, that is one of our current dining room chairs in the background. I promise to one day do a photographic tour of our temporary house while we're on sabbatical. Don't you love it? And I'm not exaggerating when I say that it is slightly fuzzy. The best that $4.99 at Value Village can buy!)

Pam also sent these little clips to hang the cards up:

After swooning over it all for a while, putting it back in the box, and planning to email Pam to thank her (PLANNING, not actually DOING), John came in and, I'm not kidding, said the following: "Hey, that's the box from Jim's external hard drive! What's it doing here?"

Seriously, these two men know each other WAY TOO WELL.


Julie said...

I love that John's "work wife" is actually a husband.

Looks like your 25 days are going to be extra special

Pam said...

Happiness is surprising a dear friend! Thinking of you and enjoying hearing about your sabbatical adventures.

BTW did I ever LOL when I read that John recognized Jim's box. Yah they know each other a little too well.

Miss you and happy holidays!

Shan said...

What a great gift! Friends like that are a true treasure!