Sunday, November 29, 2009

A "phone it in" NaBloPoMo post

I have things to get done tonight so I don't have a lot of time to craft much of a post so instead I'll give you a nice synopsis of our day:
  • church this morning for the Christmas Pageant (done as the worship service). Hope's first appearance in the angel choir. It was awesome and brought tears to my eyes to see her doing the actions to Away in a Manger and not taking her eyes off me. Also, her belly sticking out from under her shirt was too much.
  • pageant went on WAY TOO LONG. Needed nourishment immediately afterwards. Apparently most restaurants in Waterloo were full and we ended up at East Side Mario's but man, do I love their salad. I got the trifecta - all you can eat salad, bread and soup. Too bad the waiter was new. I decided that next time I'm there I'm going to introduce myself to the waiter thusly: "I'm a pregnant woman looking for salad. I want All You Can Eat. When that bowl is empty, you bring another one and keep it coming. No questions, no delays. Get it?"
  • Got home and I left to go to a pottery sale at Emily's teacher's house. Her husband is an amazing potter named Stephen Hawes. I bought a great mug and a Christmas gift for someone else. I might get something bigger from him closer to when we move as a reminder of our year here.
  • Played Thomas card game with the girls when I got home.
  • Had great chicken dinner made by John.
  • Put tired girls to bed early.
  • Now I'm cutting the pieces for Hope's nightgown.
  • Might knit and watch a movie a bit later.
  • Tomorrow is play group and some grocery shopping.
How was your day?


Julie said...

- went to the pool with a variety of friends.
- home for a nap (me included)
- back out for dinner at friends and a house full of kids. the three moms fed kids first, sent them downstairs to watch a movie and then enjoyed a lovely dinner together
- home and battled with child until 9:45 to get to sleep.

sounds like you had a great day too!

Lynn said...

I LOVE your little announcement for the East Side Mario's waiter. You should so, so definitely say that next time. Maybe have it printed on a little card so you can just hand it around every time you go out to eat :).