Saturday, November 21, 2009

This year's letters to Santa

Since Emily started "writing" to Santa I've been posting her letters here, mostly for me to remember what she asked for. What? Sorry but I've known the deal for a while now.

This year Emily wrote her own letter with me telling her how to spell things. Hope dictated to me.

Emily's letter:

Dear Santa,

I love you, Santa. I love senior kindergarten.

I saw you this summer at Santa's Village.

For Christmas this year I would like the pink necklace, a stuffed Santa, a magic kit.

Love Emily Rose

PS I would like a watch also and a stuffed princess chair.

Hope's letter

Dear Santa,

How do your reindeer fly? I'm 3 and my mummy is writing this letter for me.

For Christmas I would like a castle with a dragon and a prince and a princess to go in it. And a queen to.

I would also like a game and a play iPhone.

I would also like the blue necklace I saw at Santa's Village.

Thank you!

Love Hope

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