Sunday, November 08, 2009

A visit to the Royal Winter Fair

We actually left the house and The Beach today! It took some convincing but we won out.

We eased into the affair by going out for breakfast at Mars Diner, a Toronto institution, albeit we were in the Beach location. From there we drove to the exhibition grounds and paid a bunch of money to go into the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

At first we just wandered around all the vendor stalls; there were lots. Then we checked out the competition ring where heifers were being shown. After that we watched a goat milking and sheep shearing demonstration (loved that). From there we went to the very large children's area. The kids loved the petting farm.

After all that Emily needed a break so we lined up with about 1000 other people, managed to get a table (dumb luck), and rested our barking dogs. As we finished our perogies we realized the Superdogs show was about to start. We headed there and watched a great bunch of dogs doing amazing things. We all loved it although the highlight had to be the very surprising guest appearance by a Canadian celebrity who I heart. (I'll reveal that tomorrow when I upload the photos.).

After that it was time for ice cream, a walk through the cattle staging area and time to head home.

It was one of those great days that I spend with my wee family that makes me want to do it again tomorrow.

And Emily made it through the whole day pretty well. I'm sure she'll sleep like a rock. Me too.

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Julie said...

hey! it's tomorrow and there are no photos of said canadian celebrity. i am waiting...

Shan said...

I haven't been to the Royal Winter Fair in years. Sounds like you had lots of fun!