Monday, December 07, 2009

And update on our 25 Days of Christmas

Beth's visit has flown by so quickly that I'm not sure if I can actually remember all of our Christmasy activities but I'll try and give you a taste of what we've been doing.

We did finally get to making Stone Soup on Friday and it was delicious! Emily got to choose everything that went in there vegetable-wise. I marinated some chicken and created a stock and cooked some noodles on the side. While the kids and Beth and my dad and Donna were eating the soup, John and I snuck away for an amazing meal out at La Margarita, a mexican restaurant in Uptown Waterloo. Delicioso!

Yesterday we took the kids to Waterloo Park after supper to see the Wonders of Winter light display that is there every year. Different businesses from the area sponsor a small character or scene made out of lights. Most are Christmas-themed but there was also Dora and Boots, Arthur, Bob the Builder and lots of dinosaurs and other animals. The whole effect through the park was beautiful. We'll be going back again, with John this time, when there is snow on the ground.... and it looks as though that could be soon.

Today after my dad and Donna left, Beth and I walked Uptown with the girls for some fun shopping - a gourmet food shop, a toy store, snacks - and then over to The Art Studios (formerly Lucy's Mudhouse) to paint some ceramics. The girls loved it! They each painted some Christmas decorations.

Tomorrow our activity is an easy one for me: watch Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! and eat popcorn. I love easy ones.


Julie said...

Does that say "Santa's Ho Line"? For those who are feeling a little lonely this Christmas season?


Sounds like the days have been lots of fun.

Karen said...

It did look like Santa's Ho Line! But it was actually Santa's Hot Line... with phones it in with recordings by Rudolph, Mrs Claus and Santa. Emily kept trying to ask Rudolph questions and he wouldn't be quiet. She was pretty annoyed.

Shan said...

Hahaha that's funny. I was wondering the same thing Julie!