Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our 40-year-old 5-year-old

Tonight at supper Hope complained about her booster seat. She wants to be able to sit cross-legged at the supper table (?!) and her current seat doesn't allow her to do that. We were going back and forth about it with her explaining that she has to sit there/you shouldn't sit cross-legged at the table/blah blah blah when Emily (who is almost 5 and a half) offered to trade booster seats with her.

"I'll trade with you Hope," she said. "I'm getting tired of this booster seat anyway."

And then, and I'm not exaggerating one little bit, she looked at John and I and WINKED.


Not only can she now wink, she can wink appropriately like she's pulling one over on someone.

I'll fully admit it.... she scares me.


Mary Lynn said...

That's hilarious. You have to watch out for those smart kids!

Julie said...

wow! and yet so very Emily, isn't it?

Shan said...

Oh that's funny!