Saturday, February 27, 2010

Austin Day 2

While snow covered most of Ontario yesterday, the weather in Austin was beautiful, especially since I started the day with a delicious black bean, egg, cheese and bacon taco with salsa from a new place that Beth recently discovered. I hope to have one more of them before I leave, this time with Chorizo sausage and maybe some avacado.

Kate had preschool yesterday morning so Beth and I did some grocery shopping at my favourite Austin grocery store: Central Market. I bought some dried chilies to take home with me.

During Kate's afternoon nap yesterday I took the dog for a walk to the Intermural Fields, what I refer to as the parrot colony (there is a large colony of parrots who live there) but by the time I reached the fields, the weather had changed to windy and cold and me without a coat. Westley and I headed home and drank tea for a while.

Two of Beth's friends, Howard and Laura Sue who I think are great, brought over some great pizza and we watched the Canadian women curl to the silver. The Swedes were playing better so I wasn't surprised. I hope the men play better today.

The day ended with lemon puff pie made by yours truly. In other words, my day had book-ends of great food.

The weather is gorgeous this morning on Day 3. I've already played in the sandbox with Kate and we'll be going to the park soon. I want to be outside as much as I can today.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Julie said...

ok that taco just made my mouth water.

Erika said...

I didn't know Westley drank tea (c;

Beth said...

Of course he likes tea; he's Beth's dog after all!

John C. Walsh said...

Waterloo, Day 2

The day started with some unforgettable wholegrain waffles, which I carefully removed from their cellophane wrapping and toasted with breath-taking proficiency. Reflecting the power structure in the house when Karen is away, I then cut each waffle into bite-sized pieces, placed a fresh blueberry on each, and drizzled maple syrup both on top and in a small dipping pool on the side. Emily declared this "adequate". Hope was more forthcoming with "decent". (In truth, neither said anything except "more maple syrup, Daddy".)

Before Emily had to leave for school, the three of us huddled together in front of a large window where we stared at the snow and collectively wept. Emily asked why God was so clearly angry at us. (Or that might have been me. The maple syrup makes these details murky.)

After school, the girls tobogganed at Emily's school and then we made our way over to friends for a pizza-on-the-floor-while-watching-Curious-George-visit. A lovely time came to a crashing halt when Hope committed a crime in our host's bathroom and Emily started to unravel into a pool of exhaustion and over stimulation.

And so we went home, where Emily, Hope, and I proceeded to shovel our driveway (for the THIRD time that day, Karen). The two of them huffed and puffed their way to-and-fro pushing the snow in a bizarre number of directions. It probably only doubled the length of time it ought to have taken me to clear our driveway and sidewalks. At least it was windy and cold.

In short, our days were strikingly similar, Karen. WE BOTH ATE PIZZA.

And if you think I am complaining, at all, you are crazy. We have two remarkable little women. They are funny, smart, and melt-my-heart adorable. Just like their mummy.

We miss you, K, but we are doing great. After all, waffles and pizza in the same day. The SAME DAY.

Karen said...

J - I'm so glad I married you. I'm laughing my ass off.