Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heading to the snowy (?) south

Right after school today we're all headed to St. Catharines so that tomorrow morning I can catch a flight from Buffalo to Austin. I'm excited to get there although three things have put a minor damper on my excitement:

1. I can't stream CTV Olympic coverage there. Only available to Canadian IP addresses. I'm hoping my tech-saavy brother-in-law can find a way by this because I do not want to have to watch NBC coverage and I am just way too into curling to miss out. (That was not sarcasm by the way.)

2. It's snowing in Austin today. I had planned on no boots, no mitts, no toque. I still plan on no boots but I'm bringing mitts and toque because I refuse to be cold in the mornings. I hear it will still be warmish in the afternoons. Maybe a sheltered spot in the sun will allow me to take off my coat.

3. John's back is wreaking havoc. He's walking all crooked. I feel a little bad for him - I'd have more sympathy if he'd take my (and my chiropractor's advice) and go and see my chiro or his sister who is a massage therapist but he's stubborn. Real stubborn. And not to be hyper-critical but what is up with people who complain about ailments but don't follow sensible advice or try all the options to make the pain period way, way shorter? I honestly don't understand it and that is when my sympathy flies out the window at about 100 kms/hr. However I do feel bad that the girls don't have their dad totally on his game. Hopefully he'll have a miraculous recovery. (Guilted into going to the chiropractor yet, John?)

On the up side:

  • bbq
  • warm sunshine
  • snow that will not be around by the time I get there in contrast to here when we have about 15 cm on the ground right now and more on its way
  • only 1 kid that I will be catering to
  • sort-of a working vacation
  • on an airplane BY MYSELF for 5 hours each way - reading, knitting or whatever I want to do with no one asking me for anything!


little b said...

Yay! I'm so excited that you arrive TOMORROW. and the snow is already melting, so by the time you get here it should be about 10C. We will have some good weather, I promise.

And bbq, of course.

Shan said...

Have a great time Karen. And enjoy that alone time on the plane.

Julie said...

oooh! 5 hours to yourself to do anythingy ou want. Sweet! Have a great trip. Post photos of the new family mender!

Pam said...

Happy travels to you!!! Take lots of pictures and have some fun!

Erika said...

No one asking you anything? Like um... pillow? Blanket? Coffee? Tea? Would you like some peanuts? (c;

magnolia_2000 said...

how did you sister end up in austin? marry an american?

Karen said...

m2000: My sister and her husband are both Canadians but her husband did his PhD in Washington and then got a tenure-track (now tenured) position at UT Austin so they're here to stay. I miss her but I love an excuse to visit Austin anytime!