Friday, April 09, 2010

Suspenders needed

My pants will no longer stay up in a way that covers my midriff or will allow me to look like anything but an old man with no bum.

And I'm wearing the giant panel-style maternity pants. And yet they still sag after mere minutes and leave me exposed.

I need some kind of shoulder strap system, suspenders or, I suppose, a mumu.


Julie said...

too bad john's legs dont' fit in the mazda. dan and adrian just bought the nissan pathfinder. it has the extra row of seating in the back as well. they had to buy a box for cargo. they love it. it is LARGE though.

surprisingly, the neon fits three car seats in the back. two were the full back booster ones. but i guess hope isn't in one of those yet. it would be crazy tight though. hmmm, tough one.

Sara said...

Karen - the first time I skim read your post, I could have sworn it said giant PANDA-style...and that mental image is making me smile :)

little b said...

I hated the full panel pants. they sagged worse than the under belly ones did.

Shawn said...

You need Belly Ups!!!! Check them out
They are exactly what you are looking for!