Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Remember this hair

I have naturally curly/wavy hair. With a bit of work and the right products, it has loose curls which have been looking (if I do say so myself) freaking awesome this year. I rarely even blow it dry anymore and I'm still lucky enough to be happy with it most days.

Sadly, after I had Hope, my hair went totally limp and didn't get its curl back until about a year ago. So I'm prepared that I'll be back to poker straight and/or limp hair for a while after this baby comes and I'm breastfeeding for a while. And the reality is that it will be in a pony tail a good amount of the time.

The profile photo I have in the sidebar is from the era when I embraced my straight hair (something I'd dreamed of for a while because I battled with my curls/waves for many years) and had a bob cut.

This year I've fallen in love with my curls again since I re-learned how to treat them and get them looking good. I know I'm being a bit vain here but I figure I'm due since my hair often falls into the "whoa, were you just in a windstorm?" category.

Today I had my pre-birth hair cut. The stylist knows what to do with curly hair. I decided I better document how awesome it is looking right now (again, shameless ego boosting... it will end soon, I promise) before I potentially go into the limp stage or stage of not showering regularly anyway. And so, here it is in all its glory:

As an added bonus you get a peek at our student-ghetto of a house that we've occupied this year. I still owe a tour of this place and will do that soon... pre-baby... because there are some parts that are definitely worth showing off.


little b said...

ooohhh, the curls are so lovely. you deserve some vanity.

Erika said...

Gorgeous! (But then again, you always are)

thesmallmoments said...

You look amazing! :)

Shan said...


Julie said...

whoa sexy mama! awesome hair. i remember when you were down the last time how great your hair looks. maybe they will stick around after baby x. we can always hope.

nice to see you have the birthing ball blown up and ready! ;-)

Lynn said...

They look amazing! It's so weird that childbirth can alter your hair. I kind of miss my post-birth hair -- it was way more manageable. Good luck with the birth!